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Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as WZ) approved by the State Council in 1952. On April 20th, 1956, the construction of the first workshop of WZ started. It is one of the 156 key projects during “the first five years national develop period”. WZ is the largest enterprise of manufacturing heavy and super heavy machine tool with full catalog in China. WZ has been apart of China North Industries Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to Norinco Group) as Since October, 2011. WZ is the enterprise of on duty director member of Chinese machine tool industrial council& heavy duty machine tool council. Nowadays, there are around 3300 staff, 330 project technical staff. And there are 5 specialists are national class, 9 specialists are state class, 1 specialist is Norinco Group class, and 1 specialist is the technical leader of industry.
After relocating and reforming, WZ has become the largest, strongest and most advanced technology for manufacturing CNC heavy and super heavy machine tool develop and research base. WZ is a top international machining cooperation center in the central of China. WZ has established many national and industrial innovating bases such as national enterprise technical center, national technical creation sample enterprise, national post-doctor research working station, national high class heavy duty machine tool industrial technology creation union, machinery manufacture high class heavy duty machine tool project research center, and academician expert research station.
There are 9 sub-companies includes Wuhan WZ Foundry and Forge Ltd., Wuhan Victory Time Vertical CNC Turning Machine Ltd., Wuhan WZ Remanufacture Project Ltd., Wuhan Safop Heavy Duty Machine Tool Ltd., WZ CNC Boring Machine Company, WZ CNC Milling Machine Company, WZ Metal Structure Company, WZ Large Component Machining Factory and WZ Middle Small Component Machining Factory.
The leading products of WZ are heavy duty, super-heavy vertical lathe, horizontal lathe, CNC underfloor lathe, the horizontal machining center, floor type milling and boring machine, the gantry boring and milling machine, gear hobbing machine, rotary worktable and all kinds of special machinery equipment for 8 categories, more than 50 series, and more than 300 varieties. All products are realizing numerical control complex function. WZ is also providing machine tool maintenance, remanufacture, components machining service and casting, forging, metal structuring products. There are over twenty thousand sets of important equipments have been provided for domestic industry like mechanics, resources, aerospace, aviation, transportation, metallurgy, railway and military, also have exported to over 40 countries and districts.
Recent years, WZ has already resumed for researching and developing one national “863” project, three national technology significant special projects, 3 government loan projects, and around 10 state techno-research projects. WZ has made a great contribution for averaging up the level of national manufacture. In 2012, WZ has manufactured CKX53280 CNC super heavy duty single column moveable vertical turning machine (machining diameter 28 meters, working table load 800 ton), FB320 CNC super heavy duty floor type boring machines (boring spindle diameter 320 mm), XKU2680 CNC gantry milling machines with moveable crossrail (machining width 10 meters), DL250 CNC super heavy duty horizontal milling lathe (machining diameter 5 meters, load between center 500 ton) and proceeded at Tianjin develop district. These super heavy duty machines have shown the ability of WZ invention research and manufacture. That was one of the ten significant news of Chinese national defense industry, and also that was becoming a new millstone for WZ development history.
WZ new products won many laurels. National academy of telecommunication research ministry evaluated DL250 CNC super heavy duty horizontal milling lathe as one of the ten significant products during “eleventh-five” period, and DL250 won Norinco Group significant creative technology first prize. CKX5680 heavy lathe-mill machine with seven-five axis, the key project of national 863 projects won the state technological invention second prize, and national machinery industry science and technology awards first prize. XKD2755×570 CNC gantry milling machines with fixed crossrail won Hubei province scientific progress awards first prize. WZ has attended into classifying and modifying around 20 items of heavy duty machine tool standard. WZ has hosted and attended of adjustment for 13 items national and industry standard, and achieved over 30 national patents.
At “twelfth five” period, WZ will continue the work by following the paths of “innovating technology, adjusting structure, managing delicacy”. Optimizing the industrial structure, improving capability of independent innovation will bring the level of products technology up to achieve the international advanced level. WZ will strive for the leading enterprise of heavy duty and super-heavy duty machine tool industry in China to be an international competitively enterprise corporation with advanced equipment manufactory ability.