Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as WZ) approved by the State Council in 1952. On April 20th, 1956, the construction of the first workshop of WZ started. It is one of the 156 key projects during “the first five years national develop period”. WZ is the largest enterprise of manufacturing heavy and super heavy machine tool with full catalog in China. WZ has been apart of China North Industries Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to Norinco Group) as Since October, 2011. WZ is the enterprise of on duty director member of Chinese machine tool industrial council& heavy duty machine tool council. Nowadays, there are around 3300 staff, 330 project technical staff. And there are 5 specialists are national class, 9 specialists are state class, more>>
At “twelfth five” period, WZ will continue the work by following the paths of “innovating technology, adjusting structure, managing delicacy”.