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WZ now has nearly 1000 sets machining equipments, including key equipments through technical modification, independent manufacture and introduction from abroad.
Precision part are machined and temporarily stored in constant temperature workshop; key parts like headstock, CNC Rotary table etc key parts are assembled in no-dust air-conditioned workshop.

At present, WZ has fulfilled technique upgrading for leading products advanced multi-function combination, especially super heavy machine tools have all realized multi-function combined machining. Technical innovation and push-limit manufacture capacity both rank in forefront of the industry. WZ has developed super heavy duty CNC Vertical Lathe of the world largest size and loading capacity (machining diameter 28 meter), super heavy duty Horizontal Lathe series products (machining diameter 6.5 meter, load capacity between center:500 tons), super heavy duty CNC Double Gantry Movable Type Boring and Milling Machine (machining width: 10 meter), super heavy duty CNC floor type milling and boring milling and boring machine (spindle diameter 320mm, headstock travel 9 meter) etc, which have become most competitive brands WZ provides for national key trades and defense construction.